Blue Flower

January 1st 2022

 ‘A Vertical line design’ This was done on a pedestal and led by Audrey on a very cold, frosty and foggy morning.  Audrey showed them how to measure the height of the design and then to keep the shape upright as you place in the foliage and flowers, this surprised everyone of exactly what you could get in a vertical design.


December 21st 2021

 ‘Its Christmas Time’ this was led by Pam.  An arrangement centred around a candle with the addition of Christmas bits and pieces, cones and ribbons.  Pam talked to them about what they were hoping to get for Christmas and Joan told them interesting facts about  reindeer’s antlers.


November 20th 2021

 This morning was led by Helen who demonstrated how to do an arrangement in the shape of a triangle.  Helen spoke about the differences of foliage used for outline and filler and also suggested that the base they put it on should compliment the colour of the flowers they would use.